We know you have 84,000 realtors to choose from in Minnesota, but there are literally a handful of us in a niche market that are here specifically to cater to the needs of age 55+ homeowners. At the end of the day, you are the one who needs to be happy, or we wouldn’t be in business! Parallel Realty is very customer-centric. We take the time to get to know our clients, assess their wants and needs, and to tailor a package that is unique to each household.

We may be biased about happily being “the little guy”, but in our 15 years of real estate and property management, we discovered that the nationally known brokerage firms often have high overhead due to glitzy offices, spendy billboards and marketing campaigns. Then agents are pushed into lofty quotas and sales goals, which pushes them to take on more clients, which prevents them from finding the best deals on the market quickly. More importantly, it takes away from the personalized service you deserve.

 The Playing Field Has Changed

Years ago, it was in a broker’s interest to have 100’s of agents under them. After all, that was how leads were shared and homes were found. Gone are the days of newspaper classifieds. The internet leveled the playing field, and if anything, has allowed smaller real estate companies to thrive, given that all realtors can gain access to the Multiple Listing Service MN (MLS). The personalized services, willingness to provide only the services a client really needs, and having flexibility in commission rates makes boutique real estate especially appealing.

At Parallel Realty  we’ve intentionally positioned ourselves to give comfort and peace of mind to the age 55+ population and their extended families. Whether you are looking for a vacation home or an investment, have grandparents or parents who are downsizing and transitioning the sale of their own home to a family member, or updating lifecycle housing to be physically accessible, we’re here to help. As subject matter experts in local real estate, it’s in your interest as well as ours for your house to be in tiptop shape.

What Our Boutique Realtors Can Do For You

Given that we serve all ages, but are focused on the age  55+ housing market, we are the ideal connection on many levels when it comes to life cycle housing, ongoing freedom and independent living, and aging in place!  We opted to go through extensive training with the National Association of Realtors to acquire the coveted National Association of Realtors Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES)  designation and have demonstrated the necessary knowledge and expertise to counsel clients age 50+ through major financial and lifestyle transitions in relocating, refinancing, or selling the family home.

1.      We have implemented an array of real estate services to assist seniors and their families to maintain independence in their community of choice, thus saving money over having to go to assisted living or a long-term care center sooner than necessary.

2.      One of the nicest perks we can provide through our company is preventative monthly maintenance and handyman services at reasonable rates. Since 2005 we have offered Home Management Resources (residential) and Facility Management Resources (FMR), a monthly service where we check, deliver and install the products of your choice. We check for visible foundation and water leaks, electrical shortages, loose handles, etc. We point out seemingly simple things, such as trip hazards too. Our checklist is specific to your home. It includes things like delivering and filling water softener salts, changing furnace filters, emptying dehumidifiers, replacing smoke and radon detector batteries seasonally, replacing slight bulbs, filling dishwasher finishing rinse, etc., including one hour of your choice of handyman services (plus parts), at a cost of $97 a month.

4.    Should you choose, we can also do things like notify family members of your general well-being, drop off bulkier items like paper towels and toilet paper, and change out propane tanks on grills, deliver fire wood/clean out fireplace debris, bring outdoor furniture inside for the winter and take it outdoors in the spring, all in one stop. Most standard household maintenance tasks can be done as part of the included hour monthly service.

5.      Even if you have no intention of buying or selling in the near future, we’re happy to walk through your home, provide you with a detailed checklists and notes, indicating which repairs and small remodel activities will offer the best return on investment (ROI). 

6.      Parallel’s founder and principal, Brett Foss, is a licensed   Real Estate Broker, and through his business, Parallel Companies, Inc., has been a General Contractor in Minnesota for over 12 years, and is fully insured.  As proof of our real estate and contracting expertise, we are proud to say there has never been any action taken against us. Our comprehensive team works in tandem and in a logical manner, so you don’t need to wonder if a contractor’s skills meet your needs.

7.      Even if you would like to spread a project out to make it more affordable, we can do that systematically. We have a solid team of affordable electricians, plumbers, general construction remodelers, painters, roofers, asphalt and concrete companies, appliance repair and replacement businesses, landscapers, and more to serve you. Over the decades, we’ve learned the importance of having a dependable crew to call on, whether for a major remodel or an emergency water issue.

8.      Call us, and we will make the connection for you!  (It’s true—it may take weeks for YOU to get a repairman to your home. We tend to know which contractors are on our other projects, and which qualified company may have a quick opening so that we can facilitate a timelier repair, and we don’t charge for this service.) 

9.      If you simply want a few referrals so that you can get bids and decide on your own contractor, we can provide those too.

10.   We also offer Senior Life Planning Services and referrals! Just ask—it’s likely that we can provide the service.

It is to your advantage to work with us as a small real estate firm. We keep our business costs low, and pass the savings on to you. We’re independent, so we tend to work with other local small businesses that are more affordable, and also dependable. Their reputations and our reputation are only as good as the next transaction, so we promise to always maintain our small agency mindset with YOU in mind!

"If you own a rental home or homes, think about the amount of time you spend of advertising, marketing, showing, screening, running credit, collecting rent, going to the bank, calling the tenant for collection of rent, receiving calls from the tenant about possible required repairs, calling an scheduling repairs with a contractor, etc. These duties can really add up. It takes time away from you that you could be spending with your family, your work or business, travel, etc."